Questions & Answers

Frequently asked questions that bother a future customer.

  • Do we issue VAT invoices??

    Yes, we issue VAT invoices.

  • What we do?

    We mainly deal with creating websites, shops based on woocommerce or shopper. Our offer also includes other services such as coding templates for IPS Community, MyBB, Xenforo forums

  • How long does it take to process an order?

    It is difficult to answer this question, each order is different and it is impossible to determine the exact time, the average delivery time is 7 working days.

  • What are the price ranges?

    Each order is valued individually, the price depends on the amount of work.

  • Do we take advance payments?

    Yes, before each order we charge about 50% of the total amount for the order, it is a form of securing our time devoted to the project.

  • Are fixes included in the price?

    We pay a lot of attention to designing the website according to the client's brief, the price includes 2 free revision sessions. Each subsequent session costs 20% of the order value.