Defining, among others rules for concluding sales contracts through the store, containing the most important information about the Seller, the store and the Consumer’s rights.


  1. Definitions
  2. Registration and user account
  3. Templates
  4. Installation
  5. Returns and withdrawal from the contract
  6. Payments
  7. Copyright
  8. Dissemination
  9. Personal data protection
  10. Newsletter
  11. Final Provisions

§ 1 Definitions

  • Consumer – a consumer within the meaning of the provisions of the Civil Code.
  • Buyer – any entity buying in the Store.
  • Privileged Buyer – Consumer or Privileged Entrepreneur.
  • Privileged Entrepreneur – a natural person concluding a contract with the Seller directly related to its business activity, but not of a professional nature for it (the definition applies to contracts concluded from January 1, 2021).
  • Regulations – these regulations.
  • Store – Themeo online store run by the Seller at
  • Seller – Rafał Zalewski, an entrepreneur conducting business activity under the name Business Themeo Rafał Zalewski, entered into the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity kept by the minister competent for economy and keeping the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity, NIP 8222396592, REGON number 523615225, ul. .Piękna 2/25, 05-300 Minsk Mazowiecki.

§ 2 Registration and user account

  1. Setting up an Account is completely voluntary, free of charge and depends on the will of the Buyer
  2. The account gives the Buyer additional possibilities, such as: viewing the history of orders placed by the Buyer in the Store, checking the status of the order or editing the Buyer’s data independently.
  3. In order to set up an Account, you must complete the appropriate form in the Store.
  4. At the time of setting up the Account, it is concluded for an indefinite period between the Buyer and the Seller. agreement regarding the maintenance of the Account on the terms set out in the Regulations.
  5. The Buyer may resign from the Account at any time without incurring any costs.
  6. In order to resign from the Account, you must send your resignation to the Seller to the following e-mail address:, which will result in the immediate deletion of the Account and termination of the contract regarding the maintenance of the Account.

§ 3 Templates

  1. All products available in the store are the property of Theme Rafał Zalewski, hereinafter referred to as the Seller.
  2. The materials used to design them have been used in accordance with the law.
  3. The user, in accordance with the purchased license, can configure and modify the template for his own needs, however, we reserve the right to change the author and further distribute our products.
  4. Each of our templates is created with the latest standards, fully responsive.

§ 4 Installation

  • Each template comes with a PL/EN template installation manual.
  • In case of problems, our support will answer any questions.

§ 5 Returns and withdrawal from the contract

In the event of a wrong purchase, we do not offer a refund for the purchased template.

The right to withdraw from a distance contract within 14 days is not entitled to the Consumer in relation to a contract for the supply of digital content that is not recorded on a tangible medium, if the performance of the service began with the express consent of the Consumer before the deadline for withdrawal from the contract and after informing him by the Store about the loss of the right to withdraw from the contract (in accordance with Article 38 point 13 of the Act of 30 May 2014 on consumer rights). When accepting the regulations, the above subsection regarding “Withdrawal from the contract” is automatically accepted.

§ 6 Payments

  1. You can pay for the placed order, depending on the Buyer’s choice:
    1. By ordinary transfer to the Seller’s bank account.
    2. Through the payment platform:
      • PayPal
      • Paynow
    3. If the Buyer selects payment in advance, the order must be paid within 3 Business Days of placing the order.
    4. The Seller informs that in the case of some payment methods, due to their specificity, payment for the order with this method is possible only immediately after placing the order.
    5. When making purchases in the Store, the Buyer accepts the use of electronic invoices by the Seller. The buyer has the right to withdraw his acceptance.

§ 7 Copyright

We do not offer copyright transfer.

All copyrights remain with, owned by Themeo Rafał Zalewski.

§ 8 Dissemination

No user can reveal product information – order number, download link or any other data.

§ 9 Personal data protection

  1. The administrator of personal data provided by the Service Recipient when using the Newsletter is the Service Provider.
  2. The Customer’s personal data is processed on the basis of the contract and for the purpose of its implementation, in accordance with the principles set out in the general regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) on data protection (GDPR). Detailed information on the processing of data by the Seller is contained in the privacy policy posted in the Store.

§ 10 Newsletter

  1. The Service Recipient may voluntarily use the Newsletter service.
  2. To use the Newsletter service, you need a device with a web browser in the latest version, supporting JavaScript and cookies, with access to the Internet and an active e-mail account.
  3. E-mails sent as part of this service will be sent to the e-mail address provided by the Service Recipient at the time of subscribing to the Newsletter.
  4. In order to conclude a contract and subscribe to the Newsletter service, the Service Recipient, in the first step, provides his e-mail address in the designated place on the Website, to which he wants to receive messages sent as part of the Newsletter. Then, to the e-mail address provided in the first step, the Service Provider will send the Service Recipient a message verifying the e-mail address, which will contain a link to confirm the Service Recipient’s will to subscribe to the Newsletter. After the Service Recipient confirms the will to subscribe to the Newsletter, a contract for the provision of the service is concluded, and the Service Provider will start providing it to the Service Recipient.
  5. The messages sent as part of the Newsletter will contain information about the possibility of unsubscribing from it, as well as an unsubscribe link.
  6. The Service Recipient may unsubscribe from the Newsletter without giving any reason and incurring any costs at any time using the option referred to in sec. 5 or by sending a message to the Service Provider’s e-mail address:
  7. The use of the link to unsubscribe from the Newsletter by the Service Recipient or sending a message with a request to unsubscribe from the Newsletter will result in the immediate termination of the contract for the provision of this service.

§ 11 Final Provisions

  1. The Service Provider reserves the right to change these regulations only for important reasons. An important reason is understood as the need to change the regulations caused by the modernization of the Newsletter service or a change in the law, affecting the provision of the service by the Service Provider.
  2. Information about the planned change to the regulations will be sent to the e-mail address of the Service Recipient provided at the time of subscribing to the Newsletter at least 7 days before the changes enter into force.
  3. In the event that the Service Recipient does not object to the planned changes until they enter into force, it is assumed that he accepts them.
  4. In the event of non-acceptance of the planned changes, the Service Recipient should send information about it to the Service Provider’s e-mail address:, which will result in termination of the contract for the provision of the service upon entry into force of the planned changes.
  5. It is forbidden for the Service Recipient to provide unlawful content.